Statement by Rep. Loretta Sanchez on Signing of California Bill AB 2888

Said Rep. Loretta Sanchez:

“I commend AB 2888 co-sponsors Assemblymembers Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley), and Bill Dodd (D-Napa), Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo-Santa Clara) and Governor Jerry Brown for standing with all victims of sexual assault that deserve justice.

“This new law will no longer allow special treatment or favoritism of sexual assault predators. It should never happen again.

“According to the most recent CA Department of Justice report released July 2016, violent crime including rape dramatically increased in 2015, and this law will impose stricter penalties for sexual assault predators.

“All victims of sexual assault deserve equal treatment regardless of socio-economic, education or immigration status—and all perpetrators must be held accountable for their crimes, regardless of their wealth, status or alma mater.”

At a September 2, 2016, rally outside of the Santa Clara County Superior Court, Rep. Sanchez called on Governor Brown to stand on the side of victims and to sign AB2888. She also called on Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky to resign from his post for sentencing Brock Turner, a Stanford University swimmer convicted of three felonies of sexual assault, to six months in jail and three years probation.

As the highest-ranking woman on the Armed Services Committee and the founder and Chair of the Congressional Women in the Military Caucus, Rep. Sanchez led the effort in 2005 to successfully address sexual assault in the military with a policy that protects victims, empowers prosecutors, and creates a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual assault and abuse.