Sanchez Campaign Statement on Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s Endorsement in the California U.S. Senate race today

Said Campaign Senior Advisor Luis Vizcaino:

“No endorsement can hide Kamala Harris’ failed record to keep guns away from criminals and people with mental illness putting public safety at risk. Twice the California State auditor published a scathing report that found Kamala Harris’ office failed to fully maintain the state database known as Armed Prohibited Persons Database. The 2015 report found that after more than 18 months the CA Justice Department has not fully implemented seven of the eight recommendations that were reviewed from the 2013 audit resulting in continued risk to public safety."

Copy of the 2015 State Audit:

“The 2015 California Crime Report, released by Kamala Harris’ office on July 1, 2016 shows shocking increases in criminal gun violence, including a 9% increase in gun homicides and a 15% increase in gun aggravated assaults while Harris has been running for senate.

Where has Kamala Harris been this past year? She has been crisscrossing the country on first-class travel and luxury hotels while crime increases in California.”