Why Education is so Important

Last week, I officially filed my paperwork to be a candidate for the United States Senate. As Senator, one of the issues that I will champion is increasing access to a college education.

Education is the great equalizer and the avenue to achieving the American Dream. It is what my parents taught my siblings and me. They made us study hard to get good grades. My older brother, Henry, did what few people do; he got a perfect score on his SAT exam. He was offered a scholarship to the University of Southern California. However, it did not include housing. So my mother said to me: Loretta, we're going to help your brother go to college by cleaning houses to help pay for his housing. And that's what we did on weekends. I'm proud to have helped my brother because it is what you do as a family.

Now, I want to help your family achieve the American Dream. That's why, in the Congress I have worked to strengthen the Federal Pell Grant by raising the maximum award and increase the amount of time a student can access the awards so it helps more students pay for a college education. An educated workforce is an investment in our nation.

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