Stand With Women

Stand With Women

As California's next United States Senator, how would you champion women and girls' rights and empower other women in public service?

As California’s next United States Senator, I will empower women through education and advocate for equal pay for equal work for women.

I will also fight to eliminate violence against women including sexual assault in the military.

One of the most important ways to empower women is through education. Our young women must be equipped for a highly skilled, innovative, twenty-first century workforce and compete in an international arena. In addition, we must end the inequality that women still face in the workplace.

Women deserve equal pay for equal work.

Women are almost half of the U.S. Labor force and increasingly women are the breadwinners in their families. Working women and their families stand to lose a quarter of a million dollars over the course of their careers. When women lose income, economic security is diminished for them and their families.

I was a co-sponsor of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which restores the ability for women to use our judicial system to seek redress when facing pay discrimination. I am the most senior female on the Armed Services Committee and the founder and Chair of the Congressional Women in the Military Caucus.

As Senator, I will continue working to empower women in public service by creating a safe and inclusive environment for all our women in uniform. I have led the reform of sexual assault policy in the military for the past 15 years. We have made great progress in this arena, but there is still more to do. I have also been a key proponent of opening combat roles to women in the Armed Forces and enabling them equal opportunity and access to the full range of health care services, including reproductive health.

"Consistently, I have fought to ensure women are able to make decisions about their own body. I have been a member of the Congressional Women’s Caucus for my entire congressional career. For twenty years I have fought to protect the very basic right a woman has—the right to make decisions about her own body. Lawmakers must understand and recognize that women reproductive rights are not something that can be taken away. Women are born with this right and it is unacceptable for a society to impinge on that rights.
As a female Member of Congress, I believe it is my responsibility to do everything in my power to provide the resources to empower women—and I believe the most important way to do that is by preserving our reproductive rights."