Congresswoman Sanchez has worked tirelessly to address our students’ needs by supporting early education, vital after-school programs, and by helping school districts connect with federal funding. A Head Start child herself, Loretta has become a symbol of the fair shot at success that all children deserve from their earliest of days. Every year Rep. Sanchez has fought to ensure full funding, urging Congressional Leadership to allocate $10.1 billion to the program.
Loretta also has a “College Education for All” plan which consists of 5 major legislative priorities:

1) Making community college more affordable for the every-day American by bringing the price of tuition down to $5/unit.

2) The expansion of 4-year bachelor degree programs available at low-cost Community Colleges as an alternative to traditional, expensive 4-year universities. The programs offered will be geared towards workforce training programs such as automotive technology, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, educational services, etc.

3) The expansion of the Federal Pell Grant program, so that it can cover the entire cost of public four-year schools all year round, rather than only during spring and fall semesters. This will tremendously aid the nontraditional student of today, who is either working full-time or responsible for a family at home.

4) Common sense reforms to allow for Student Loan Refinancing options which enable college graduates to refinance high-interest educational loans in the same way that home and car loans currently can be.

5) Expanding education access for armed service members, such as providing funding for more distance education and online education programs for those who do not have access to a college campus, or those who are unable to attend actual classes due to employment.

A college degree is critical for young people entering the competitive job market and today’s global economy. However, due to the rising cost of college, student loan debt has climbed above $1.2 trillion, and over the last five years we have seen the decline of one of the most vital federal programs for our college students: the Federal Pell Grant Program. Congresswoman Sanchez has championed improved college access and achievement for all our students, regardless of status or income. While in office, she introduced the Middle Class Chance Act which would strengthen the Federal Pell Grant by raising the maximum award and increase the amount of time a student can access the awards.

Congresswoman Sanchez has advocated for our students in the Congress and will continue to fight to close the achievement gap as a U.S. Senator.

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